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The state of art product of Vaishnodevi Buildcon K240 is made of the finest raw materials. It is recognized for unmatched elegance and design versatility.

Length : 240 mm

Width : 110 mm

Thick : 70 mm

Weight (Dry) : 3.35 Kg

1mÑ = 541 pc


ZN250 creates a beautiful and strong wall for the modern construction. It is popular for Unmatched quality, Perfect dimension and High strength.

Length : 250 mm

Width : 120 mm

Thick : 75 mm

Weight (Dry) : 4.1 Kg

1mÑ = 445 pc


ZN230 is among the finest line of product from the house of Vaishnodevi Buildcon. ZN230 is the perfect sized bricks for any modern construction.

Length : 230 mm

Width : 110 mm

Thick : 70 mm

Weight (Dry) : 3 kg

1mÑ = 565 pcs


HB1 is hollow block made with the ultra modern technology. It is the prefered chice to build lightweight and economical construction.

Length : 400 mm

Width : 200 mm

Thick : 200 mm

1m3 = 62.5 pcs


HB2 is the hollowblock using superior grade concrete and modern technology, this is widely used in commercial and residential buildings to provide strength.

Length : 250 mm

Width : 120 mm

Thick : 75 mm

Weight (Dry) : 4.1 Kg

1mÑ = 445 pc


The Flexibility of our Zigzag Pavers allows for the system to adjust to the environment as well as avoid seismic distortion & cracking as compared to concrete slabs

WEIGHT : 4.55 kg

Thick : 80 mm

1 SQFT : 3.67 pcs

1 SQM : 39.50 pcs

MODEL: SolidBlock1

Our Solid Blocks are the new definition for beauty and elegance by the virtue of its High strength, Fire Resistant, Heat Resistant and Water Resistant properties.

Length : 390 mm

Width : 190 mm

Thick : 125 mm

1m3 = 108 pcs

MODEL: Brickpaver1

Our qualitative brick pavers are processed using ultra-modern technology in accordance with international quality standards.

Length : 200 mm

Width : 100 mm

Thick : 100 mm


Our Premium Crushed Aggregates is ideal to be used in construction work, this product is precisely processed using latest techniques to make sure No Dust, Double Filteration, No Mixing of Size.

Crushed Sizes:

6 mm, 10 mm, 20 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm

Round Natural Sizes:

6 mm, 10 mm, 20 mm, 40 mm

Washed Sand

Our washed sand is surface mined, screened and washed to remove silt and clay, then allowed to drain. This sand is precisely processed with cutting edge CDE ASIA technology, in compliance with international standards.

2 One 2

3 One 3

All types Available

For The Best Quality Flyash Bricks, Pavers, Aggregates & Washed Sand

We deliver our products to entire North Bengal, Sikkim, Assam and Bihar.